Laptop/Overnight Collection

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Urban Chic! Add pizazz to your commute! My lightweight messenger bag is sturdy enough to haul your laptop and keep your daily must-haves organized, or to go with you on an overnight stay with plenty of room to carry the essentials. These bags are made of georgeous vintage needlepoint designs that I have collected while traveling South to Florida and throughout New England. They all have a story to tell and are a topic of conversation! The fabrics have mellowed over time and have earned "smile lines" and character. Some I've had for years but didn't have the heart to cut the needlepoint down to a smaller size - thus, the laptop/overnight bag was born! These vintage needle pieces are paired with upcycled and new fabrics, coming together harmoniously. There is still a lot of vim and vigor left in these fabrics and will be a wonderful companion for your adventures. The laptop/overnight bag measures 14-inches high by 21-inches wide, with a 3-inch gusset. It features a double hand-held strap, as well as a strong, detachable, comfortable, over-the-shoulder/cross body strap. There is a zipper closure with outside and inside pockets. All are embellished with vintage treasures and a skeleton key zipper pull.


These are some of my new Laptop/Overnight bags! Click on the photos for a larger view. To purchase Laptop/Overnight bag, Contact Ann.